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The Estonian Commercial Register approved an increase of RESBUD SE share capital by over EUR 24 mln

Z dn. 10.03.2021

The Estonian Commercial Register approved an increase of RESBUD SE share capital by over EUR 24 mln

On March 9, 2021, the Estonian Commercial Register approved an increase of RESBUD SE share capital to over EUR 26 mln and registered the related amendments to the Company’s Articles of Association. It is the finalization of the process of acquiring majority shares in Uniwersim sp. z o.o., Conpol sp. z o.o. and Energokomplekt OOO, thanks to the private subscription of over 218 million new RESBUD SE shares, carried out in December last year.

The decision of the Estonian Commercial Register indicates that from March 9, 2021, the share capital of RESBUD SE is 26 028 229 EUR and the total number of votes and non-par value shares is 236 620 263.

The finalization of the complex process of private subscription for new shares, a significant increase in the share capital of RESBUD SE and the acquisition of three companies from the construction industry, is the beginning of a new chapter in the history of RESBUD SE. We look to the future with optimism, and our plan is to consistently build the value of the companies included in our holding. We want to generate profits for our shareholders, while creating added value for the economy and society – says Jarosław Gerard Podolski, Member of the Management Board of RESBUD SE.

Implementing the process of transformation into a modern and dynamically growing European holding, operating on the construction, energy and civil engineering market, on February 4, 2021, RESBUD SE acquired shares in the companies: Uniwersim sp. z o.o., Conpol sp. z o.o. and Energokomplekt OOO (100%, 61.36% and 83.7% of shares in the share capital of the above-mentioned companies, respectively).

It was part of the private subscription process for 218,520,263 new issued shares of RESBUD SE, which the shareholders of Energokomplekt OOO, Conpol sp. z o.o. and Uniwersim sp. z o.o. acquired through contributions of their shares in these companies. The issue price of one new issued share was EUR 0.1467 and the total value of the new issued shares is over EUR 32 million.

As a result of the transaction, the Company currently owns 100% shares in Uniwersim sp. z o.o., 100% shares in Conpol sp. z o.o. and 100% shares in Energokomplekt OOO (87.8% directly and 12.2% indirectly). As a result, RESBUD SE is obliged to prepare consolidated financial statements with the above-mentioned companies, starting from 2021.
Energokomplekt OOO is a trading company registered in Yekaterinburg and a comprehensive operator of hardware, materials, construction chemicals and specialized equipment deliveries to large infrastructure projects, including construction and retrofitting of power facilities. Their clients include the biggest construction companies in Russia and several countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. The company also operates on several foreign markets
– from Poland and Estonia to the Far East.

Conpol sp. z o.o. has an extensive competences in a field of engineering and energy construction, as well as the production of concrete and asphalt. The company is currently successfully operating on the Polish market, participating as a contractor in projects in the field of cubature, engineering and road construction. The company’s major projects include: the expansion of the International Passenger Terminal Kraków-Balice, the construction of A1 highway between Tuszyn and Pyrzowice (section G), the reconstruction of rail systems and related infrastructure in the railroad E59 (Leszno-Czempiń section), and the construction work at the Kraków Mydlniki-Kraków Główny Towarowy section of the railroad E30.

Uniwersim sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer of high-quality asphalt mixtures and concrete. The company produces asphalt mixes intended for construct of pavements, roads of the traffic category from KR1 to KR7, and for many years has been cooperating with companies specializing in the modernization and reconstruction of local and provincial roads, as well as with companies implementing contracts for the construction of expressways and motorways. In 2017-2019, the plant was one of the main producers of the mixture for Strabag S. A. for the expansion of the national road No. 8 on the Radziejowice-Przeszkoda section.

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