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Conpol, subsidiary of RESBUD SE, continues works on the construction of European route Via Baltica, commissioned by PORR

Z dn. 02.11.2021

Conpol, subsidiary of RESBUD SE, continues works on the construction of European route Via Baltica, commissioned by PORR

Conpol sp. z o.o., an experienced contractor in the field of civil engineering, road and railroad construction and producer of a wide range of concretes, continues work on the construction of the S61 Via Baltica expressway, running from Warsaw to Tallinn. In this project RESBUD SE subsidiary operates as a subcontractor for PORR – as a comprehensive supplier of high-quality concrete for the 23-kilometre section from Szczuczyn to Ełk South. Construction work on the project has been completed by the consortium in approximately 80% and is proceeding according to schedule. On the other hand, Conpol has already delivered over 65% of the materials (concrete mixes) planned within the framework of its contract.

Via Baltica, a section of the international route E67 (and expressway S61) leading from Warsaw to Tallinn, with a total length of almost 1,000 km, is currently under construction. In Poland, the investment is being carried out as part of the National Roads Construction Programme for 2014-2023. The new route will be the most important transport link between the Baltic countries.

Construction of the 23-kilometre section from Szczuczyn to Ełk South, in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, is being carried out by a consortium of PORR S.A., PORR Bau GmbH and Unibep S.A. Bielsk Podlaski. This section of the Via Baltica route, due to the expected heavy truck traffic, is being built in the cement concrete technology and will have two roadways, two lanes each. Within the framework of the contract signed with PORR S.A., Conpol is a comprehensive supplier of high-quality concrete mixes produced for the purposes of this investment, according to the specifications of the ordering party at the construction site.

For this purpose, Conpol uses two modern, mobile concrete batching plants: BHS Duomix 250 type with very high efficiency (220-250 m3/h) and WBT McCrory (with efficiency of 100 m3/h) – depending on the type of concrete produced. The installations are operated by a team of highly qualified operators. In September this year, the delivery of necessary materials under the contract with PORR has been completed in 65%. The works of Conpol sp. z. o.o. are proceeding according to schedule.

The deadline for completion of the 23-kilometre section from Szczuczyn to Ełk South is scheduled for May 31st, 2022. Currently, the whole consortium is working on laying the concrete pavement – this stage has already been completed in 62%. Also in progress is the generation of fronts for subsequent preparatory activities before the concrete and mineral-asphalt mixture is being used. Concurrently, work is underway on the erection of all bridges, the necessary reconstruction and construction of new networks and the installation of road energy-consuming barriers. Paving work is also being carried out as well as work related to profiling and humus treatment of flat areas and slopes of the road. The construction of the section from Szczuczyn to Ełk South is advanced in approx. 80%.

Conpol sp. z o.o. has an extensive competences in a field of engineering and energy construction, as well as the production of concrete and asphalt. The company is currently successfully operating on the Polish market, participating as a contractor in projects in the field of cubature, engineering and road construction. The company’s major projects include: the expansion of the International Passenger Terminal Kraków-Balice, the construction of A1 highway between Tuszyn and Pyrzowice (section G), construction of engineering structures (bridges, viaducts) with accompanying infrastructure in the railroad E59 (Leszno-Czempiń section), as well as construction work at the Kraków Mydlniki-Kraków Główny Towarowy (section of the railroad E30).

Since 4 February this year RESBUD SE holds 100% shares in Conpol sp. z o.o. The company generated revenues of EUR 752 thousand in 2020, making almost EUR 26.5 thousand profit.


Contact for media: media@resbud.ee



RESBUD SE is a modern, dynamically growing European holding company, operating in the construction, power and civil engineering, as well as production, logistics and supply of materials for the construction and energy sectors. The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since September 2007. It combines a modern approach to business with 70 years of experience in the construction industry.

The companies in its investment portfolio (Energokomplekt OOO, Conpol sp. z o.o. and Uniwersim sp. z o.o.) are primarily engaged in: construction of civil engineering structures on road and railroad tracks, erection of reinforced concrete structures, civil engineering works, production of bituminous masses and concretes, as well as supply of materials and equipment for large infrastructural investments, including equipment for construction and modernisation of power facilities.

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