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RESBUD SE submitted information about the status of application of the Best Practices 2021


RESBUD SE submitted information about the status of application of the Best Practices 2021

RESBUD SE published a report about the company’s application of the Best Practices in 2021, which is a set of corporate governance rules developed by the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE). The aim of the WSE guidelines is to create tools supporting effective management, efficient supervision, respect for shareholders’ rights and transparent communication of companies with the market. Adoption of best practice principles by listed entities contributes to the improvement of corporate governance in Poland, and in the case of many companies, their application also has a positive impact on the level of stock exchange listing.

On 9th of August RESBUD SE published a report about the status of application of Best Practices 2021, part of which is for example conducting transparent and active communication between the holding company and the participants of the capital market. To exchange information the company uses various tools, such as corporate website (www.resbud.pl), where all announcements important to investors are posted.

The set of corporate governance principles developed by the WSE and the related rules of conduct have a significant impact on the relations between listed companies and their market environment. Thus, they are an important element in building the competitive position of these companies and significantly contribute to enhancing the attractiveness of the Polish capital market.

The Best Practices and related regulations apply to issuers of shares admitted to trading on the WSE regulated market. The new rules entered into force on 1 July 2021. They are the result of the work of experts who are part of the WSE Corporate Governance Consultative Committee, representing the interests of various stakeholder groups. The implementation of the Best Practices is voluntary; however, each listed company is obliged to report on their application under the WSE Rules and Regulations.

The new WSE guidelines reflect current trends and follow European corporate governance regulations. In line with market participants’ expectations, the new Best Practices include ESG issues, such as climate protection, sustainable development, diversity in board composition and equal pay.

The whole report of RESBUD SE about the status of application of Best Practices 2021 can be read on the WSE website under the following link:


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