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RESBUD SE published the audited annual report for 2020


RESBUD SE published the audited annual report for 2020

RESBUD SE, a European holding company operating in the construction, energy and civil engineering market, as well as in the field of production, logistics and supply of materials for the construction and energy sectors, has published its audited financial report for 2020. Company noted EUR 324,000 loss from operating activities, with zero income. The achieved results are a natural consequence of the transformation process carried out in 2020 into a modern and dynamically developing holding, which executes contracts in Central and Eastern Europe.

On August 24, 2021, RESBUD SE published the audited report for 2020, which was primarily a period of intensive work on the transformation of the Company into a modern and dynamically developing European holding company, operating in the construction, energy and civil engineering market. The highlight of the last year was the subscription of new shares of the company carried out on December 31, as a result of which, in the first quarter of this year, RESBUD SE acquired a majority stake in Energokomplekt OOO, Conpol sp. z o.o. and Uniwersim sp. z o.o.

As a result, the share capital of the company increased to over 26 million EUR (from 1.991 million EUR previously). RESBUD SE currently holds 100% shares in Uniwersim sp. z o.o., 100% shares in Conpol sp. z o.o. and 100% of shares in Energokomplekt OOO (87.8% directly and 12.2% indirectly). The acquisition of majority shares in the companies mentioned above results in the obligation of RESBUD SE to prepare consolidated financial statements starting from 2021.

Revenues generated by the subsidiaries in 2019 totaled nearly PLN 195 million, and their total net profit exceeded PLN 14.5 million.

Energokomplekt OOO is a contractor in energy and construction contracts and a trading company, which is a comprehensive operator in the supply of equipment, materials, construction chemicals and specialized equipment for large energy, hydraulic engineering and infrastructure investments.

Conpol sp. z o.o. is a contractor in the construction of civil engineering structures on road and railways. The company also deals with the development of reinforced concrete structures, construction and civil engineering works, and the production of a wide range of concrete.

Uniwersim sp. z o.o. is a producer of bituminous masses and high-quality concretes. The company produces asphalt mixes intended for the performance of all structural layers of pavements for roads of the traffic category from KR1 to KR7.

2020 was a turning point in the recent history of RESBUD SE. I am glad that, together with the shareholders of the company, I can be one of the leaders of these changes. In 2021, in cooperation with the companies acquired in recent months, we intend to develop our activities related to engineering and energy construction. We have ambitious plans, which will be confirmed by the new RESBUD SE strategy published this year – says Krzysztof Długosz, President of the Management Board at RESBUD SE.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which disrupted the functioning of economies around the world last year, affecting the work and condition of many companies, did not significantly affect the operating activities of RESBUD SE and its related entities.

Bearing in mind the continuous development of the holding and expanding its activities to the territories of Central and Eastern Europe and Western Europe, we want to constantly enrich our experience, knowledge and innovation. In the coming months, we plan to launch activities related to the financing of young companies and start-ups. We are already conducting initial talks on this matter with prestigious Polish technical universities – says Joanna Dyja, Member of the Management Board at RESBUD SE, responsible for the financial and organizational activities of the company.

The audited annual RESBUD SE report for 2020 can be found on the company’s website: https://resbud.pl/en/reports/annual-report-2020-revised/

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