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Energokomplekt OOO finalizes delivery of materials for construction of Naldinskaya substation


Energokomplekt OOO finalizes delivery of materials for construction of Naldinskaya substation

Energokomplekt OOO, a RESBUD SE subsidiary, is finalising the delivery of materials for the construction of the Naldinskaya 220 kV substation together with 220 kV overhead transmission lines coming out of the existing Neryungrinskaya state regional power plant – NPS-18. Currently, the company is completing the delivery of elements for the external and internal finishing of the facility, reinforced concrete products and other equipment. The general contractor of the investment has already started the commissioning of the facility.

The Naldinskaya substation is located in Yakutia, a republic that is part of the Russian Federation, located in the Far Eastern Federal District, which geographically constitutes the eastern part of Siberia. Currently, the construction of the facility, as well as the deliveries carried out by Energokomplekt OOO, are approaching their final stage.

The substation will provide electricity for a large coal mining and processing complex. The „Inaglinsky” mining and processing complex operates on coal resources from the „Khulmakan” and „Verkhne-Toluminsky” deposits. The total production capacity of the new plant will be 12 million tonnes of raw material per year.

This is one of many significant contracts that Energokomplekt OOO is executing in Russia this year. In the first half of the year, the company completed the delivery of basic materials for the construction of the second 220 kV overhead line “Minusinskaya master station – Kamala-1”, which is located in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia. Energokomplekt OOO also supplies equipment, materials and facilities to Ural Power Engineering Construction Company AO (“UPECC”) for the construction of the largest hydrological project in the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

Energokomplekt OOO is a contractor in energy and construction contracts and a commercial company based in Ekaterinburg, which is a comprehensive operator of the supply of equipment, materials, construction chemicals and specialised equipment for large energy, hydraulic engineering and infrastructure projects. Its clients include the largest construction companies in Russia and several CIS countries. Energokomplekt OOO also operates in several foreign markets – from Poland and Estonia to the Far East.

Since 4 February this year, RESBUD SE holds 100% shares in Energokomplekt OOO (87.8% directly and 12.2% indirectly). Energokomplekt OOO generated revenues of EUR 52.2 million in 2020, making almost EUR 1.7 million profit.

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