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A company from the RESBUD Group signed a cooperation agreement with Sieyuan Electric Co., Ltd


A company from the RESBUD Group signed a cooperation agreement with Sieyuan Electric Co., Ltd

The Uzbek company Elektrqishloqqurilish JSC, which is part of the RESBUD capital group, has signed a cooperation agreement with the Chinese manufacturer of electrical equipment - Sieyuan Electric Co., Ltd.


The subject of the agreement is the establishment of partnership relations and the development of long-term and effective cooperation in the supply of energy equipment and other innovative products in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The parties also agreed on the conditions regarding the exchange of information, the possibility of mutual supplies of goods, equipment and services, and participation in joint projects. The companies also declared to provide each other with all kinds of financial, technical and organizational assistance. The purpose of the concluded contract is, among others, increasing product sales and business revenues, increasing the customer base and maintaining the competitive advantage of the parties to the contract.

Sieyuan Electric Co., Ltd. is an electrical equipment manufacturer with 50 years of manufacturing experience, specializing in electrical power technology research and development, equipment manufacturing and engineering services. Currently, the group has several production entities distributing in Shanghai, Rugao, Changzhou and Nanjing. Products include high voltage switchgear, transformers, relay protection and automation systems, reactive power compensation devices, measurement and monitoring devices, power electronic equipment and automotive electronics.


About the company Elektrqishloqqurilish JSC

Elektrqishloqqurilish JSC is a company operating in the electricity sector, engaged in the production, construction, installation and modernization of power lines and the construction of power substations in the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the production of steel and reinforced concrete products. It is considered one of the leading contractors of power grid facilities in Central Asia - it has performed power electrical work for such manufacturing companies as: Hyundai Engineering, Eriell, Hengyuan Group Co. Ltd. or Lukoil. The company's assets include the Namangan Iron Structures Plant, the Kuvasoy Concrete Products Plant, the Tashkent Technological Devices Production Plant and other assets.

The company employs approximately 900 people and has 430 machines, including: trucks, bulldozers, truck cranes, hydraulic machines, excavators and mobile power stations. The company's developed internal logistics ensures efficient functioning of all company departments and optimal use of its capabilities and resources.