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RESBUD SE: in 2023, the Uzbek company from the RESBUD Group concluded contracts worth over USD 21 million


RESBUD SE: in 2023, the Uzbek company from the RESBUD Group concluded contracts worth over USD 21 million

At the beginning of January 2024, the Management Board of RESBUD SE summarized the construction contracts concluded last year by Elektrqishloqqurilish JSC – a company whose controlling stake was taken over by RESBUD SE in September 2023. The total value of contracts signed last year by one of the leading contractors of power grid facilities in Central Asia exceeds USD 21 million.   

After Elektrqishloqqurilish JSC was incorporated into the RESBUD Group, the company signed, among others, letter of intent for the construction of a complex of residential buildings in Uzbekistan with a total living area of ​​approx. 22 m2, a contract for the implementation of works on the construction of 500 kV overhead lines from the Koltsevaya substation to the Tashkient substation and from GES-20 to the Koltsevaya substation, a contract for the supply of reinforced concrete structures, 110 kV transmission towers with accessories and the construction of a 110 kV electricity transmission line for the new Avval- Lagoh, as well as a contract for the performance of works under the project of construction of a 220 kV overhead line on the section Substation "Sherabad-2" - Substation "Surkhan-500".

Only since the RESBUD Group took over the controlling interest in the Uzbek company in September last year, the amount of concluded contracts amounted to nearly USD 9 million. The total value of contracts signed by Elektrqishloqqurilish JSC in 2023 exceeded USD 21 million.

In recent months, the effects of our restructuring of Elektrqishloqqurilish JSC have been clearly visible, which translates into a growing number of contracts concluded by the company. Educated and experienced staff as well as comprehensive technical and machine facilities allow us to offer our contractors on the Central Asian markets a wide range of professional services and products. We are convinced that in 2024, our Uzbek company will increase its order portfolio. This will allow Elektrqishloqqurilish JSC to fully exploit its potential and strengthen the company's strong position on the dynamically developing Central Asian markets – said Krzysztof Długosz, President of the Management Board of RESBUD SE.

Recently, Elektrqishloqqurilish JSC received references from "O'Zbekiston Milliy Elektr Tarmoqlari" AJ ("National Electrical Grids of Uzbekistan") for the construction of power lines and substations with a voltage of 110-500 kV, which confirm the highest quality of services provided by the company included in the RESBUD Groups.

About the company Elektrqishloqqurilish JSC

Elektrqishloqqurilish JSC is a company operating in the electricity sector, engaged in the production, construction, installation and modernization of power lines and the construction of power substations in the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the production of steel and reinforced concrete products. The company employs approximately 900 people and has 430 machines, including: trucks, bulldozers, truck cranes, hydraulic machines, excavators and mobile power stations. The company's developed internal logistics ensures efficient functioning of all company departments and optimal use of its capabilities and resources.

Elektrqishloqqurilish JSC is considered one of the leading contractors of power grid facilities in Central Asia - it has performed power electrical works for such manufacturing companies as: Hyundai Engineering, Eriell, Hengyuan Group Co. Ltd. or Lukoil. The company's assets include the Namangan Iron Structures Plant, the Kuvasoy Concrete Products Plant, the Tashkent Technological Devices Production Plant and other assets.


RESBUD SE is a modern, dynamically developing European holding, operating in the construction, power and civil engineering markets as well as supplies of materials for the construction and energy sectors, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2007. It combines a modern approach to business with 70 years of experience in the construction industry. The companies included in his investment portfolio (Conpol Sp. z o. o., Uniwersim Sp. z o. o. and Elektrqishloqqurilish JSC based in Tashkent - through the companies: Grid Solutions LLC and United Grid Solutions LLC), deal primarily with: construction of civil engineering facilities in road and railway routes, erection of reinforced concrete structures, construction works, civil engineering, production of bitumen and concrete, production, construction, installation and modernization of power lines and construction of energy substations, as well as the supply of materials and equipment for large infrastructure investments.


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