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RESBUD SE published the report for 2019


RESBUD SE published the report for 2019

On 30 June 2020 RESBUD SE published the annual report and information about financial result for 2019. Last year the Company recorded a net profit of 35 thousand EUR and increased its assets by 40 percent, to the value of over 2.8 million EUR. RESBUD SE did not record any revenue in that period. It is an effect of the ongoing modification of the Company's operations profile and a transformation into a modern European holding company present on the overall construction, power, and civil engineering markets, and also dealing with manufacturing, logistics and delivery of materials and equipment for the construction and power sectors.

As part of the process, in 2019 RESBUD SE acquired shares in companies operating in the erection of railway and road civil engineering structures, reinforced concrete structures, construction work, civil engineering, production of asphalt mixtures and concrete, as well as delivery of materials and equipment to large infrastructure projects, including equipment for construction and retrofitting of power facilities.

RESBUD SE acquired 4.1 percent of shares in Energokomplekt OOO trading company registered in Yekaterinburg, paying almost 2.1 million EUR to set off mutual liabilities. The company is a comprehensive operator of hardware, materials, construction chemicals and specialized equipment deliveries to large infrastructure projects, including construction and retrofitting of power facilities. Their clients include the biggest construction companies in the Ural region. The company's core business is based on contracts for comprehensive deliveries of materials, chemicals and equipment for specific construction projects. Between 2015 and 2019, the overall amount of such contracts delivered by Energokomplekt OOO exceeded 15 billion roubles.

In October 2019 RESBUD SE acquired 38.64 percent of shares in Conpol sp. z oo as a non-cash contribution in return for the Company's shares. Conpol sp. z oo is a dynamically growing engineering-construction company that operates as a contractor in civil road and railway engineering and, as part of civil engineering, erects reinforced concrete structures, does construction and other work related to civil engineering. The company also manufactures concrete and asphalt mixtures. The company's major projects include: the expansion of the International Passenger Terminal Kraków-Balice, the construction of A1 highway between Tuszyn and Pyrzowice (section G), the reconstruction of rail systems and related infrastructure in the railroad E59 (Leszno-Czempiń section), and the construction work at the Kraków Mydlniki-Kraków Główny Towarowy section of the railroad E30.