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About us


RESBUD SE is a modern, dynamically developing European holding operating in the construction, energy and civil engineering markets, as well as production, logistics and supplies of materials for the construction and energy sectors. The company is listed on Stock Exchange in Warsaw since September 2007. It combines a modern approach to business with 70 years of experience in the construction industry.

The companies included in his investment portfolio deal primarily with: construction of civil engineering facilities on road and railway routes, erection of reinforced concrete structures, construction works, civil engineering, production of bitumen and concrete, production, construction, installation and modernization of power lines (PTL) and construction of energy substations, as well as the supply of materials and equipment for large infrastructure investments.

tradition in the construction industry

34 704 306 EUR

share capital

Central, Eastern Europe, Uzbekistan

range of activity

September 2007

debut on the WSE

Scope of companies' activities RESBUD Groups:

  • construction of civil engineering facilities on road and railway routes,
  • erecting reinforced concrete structures,
  • works,
  • civil engineering,
  • production of bituminous masses and concrete,
  • production, construction, installation and modernization of power lines (PTL) and construction of power substations,
  • supply of materials and equipment for large infrastructure investments.

Composition investment portfolio


Conpol Sp. z o. o

Conpol sp. z o. o. has extensive competences in the field of engineering and energy construction, as well as concrete and asphalt production. The company currently operates successfully on the Polish market, participating as a contractor in investments in the field of building, engineering and road construction.

The most important projects of the Company include: expansion of the Kraków-Balice International Passenger Terminal, construction of the A1 motorway on the Tuszyn-Pyrzowice section (section G), construction of engineering structures (bridges, viaducts) along with accompanying infrastructure on the E59 railway line (Leszno section). -Czempiń), execution of construction works on the section of line E30 Kraków Mydlniki - Kraków Główny Towarowy, construction of bridge structures on the Szczecinek bypass, engineering structures on the S-3 route on the Jawor-Legnica section, construction of engineering structures (bridges) and delivery of 200.000 m3 of concrete for the need for their implementation on the Ełk bypass (as part of the S61 Via Baltica expressway running from Warsaw to Tallinn in Estonia), as well as the supply of concrete for the general contractor of the S-8 route (Radziejowice-Janki section) for the Strabag company.

The company gained its experience in construction on eastern markets. Projects implemented there, such as the expansion of Terminal D at the BORYSPOL airport in Kiev, allowed us to develop a modern form of the company's operations and to attract cooperation with a number of specialized companies from Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and Ukraine.

The company's activities also include the production of concrete according to customer preferences for the construction of bridges and viaducts. Conpol uses a modern mobile BHS Duomix 250 concrete mixing plant with very high efficiency (220-250 m3/h).

Conpol sp. z o. o. is a member of the Polish Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Construction, registration number 801.

Uniwersim Sp. z o. o

The company produces mineral-asphalt mixtures intended for making all pavement construction layers for roads in traffic categories KR1 to KR7. Its key competitive advantage is a mobile concrete plant with very high capacity, along with a team of highly qualified operators.

For many years, it has been cooperating with companies specializing in the modernization and reconstruction of local and provincial roads, as well as with corporations implementing contracts for the construction of expressways and highways. In the years 2017-2019, the plant was the only producer of concrete and mineral-asphalt mixtures for Strabag SA for the expansion of national road No. 8 to the parameters of the expressway on the Radziejowice-Przeszkoda section (in 2017-2019).

Uniwersim undertakes contract management for concrete production using its own or the client's materials. It offers a wide range of concretes, taking into account the purpose of the material, the method of construction, environmental conditions, investment specifications, as well as individual customer preferences: for substructures, goods, construction and bridges. For the production of concrete, it uses a modern mobile concrete batching plant type BHS Duomix 250 with a capacity of 220 - 250 m3/h depending on the type of concrete produced.

For the production of bituminous masses, it uses a fully automated BENNINGHOVEN TBA 160/240 OU installation with a mixing capacity of 160 t/h. The proper course of technological processes during the production of bituminous masses is supervised by the qualified FOREQ Laboratory.

Since 2015, the company has had a Factory Inspection Certificate confirming the plant's ability to produce mineral-asphalt mixtures in accordance with European standards PN-EN 13108-1.

United Grid Solutions LLC and Grid Solutions LLC being the majority shareholders of Elektrqishloqqurilish JSC

RESBUD SE and Conpol Sp. z o. o. hold 100% of the shares in Grid Solutions LLC and United Grid Solutions LLC, respectively, which hold 57,12% of the shares of Elektrqishloqqurilish JSC. Additionally, RESBUD SE directly holds a 1,29% stake in Elektrqishloqqurilish JSC.

Elektrqishloqqurilish JSC is a company operating in the electricity sector, engaged in the production, construction, installation and modernization of power lines and the construction of power substations in the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the production of steel and reinforced concrete products. The company employs approximately 900 people and has 430 machines, including: trucks, bulldozers, truck cranes, hydraulic machines, excavators and mobile power stations.

Elektrqishloqqurilish JSC is considered one of the leading contractors of power grid facilities in Central Asia. The company performed power-electrical work for such manufacturing companies as: Hyundai Engineering, Eriell, Hengyuan Group Co. Ltd. or Lukoil. The company's assets include the Namangan Iron Structures Plant, the Kuvasoy Concrete Products Plant, the Tashkent Technological Devices Production Plant and other assets.

The Company's past implementations include such important infrastructure projects as the construction of 110 kV overhead lines for:

  • Kungrad Soda Plant,
  • Arnasay Water Reservoir,
  • Bekabad Metallurgical Plant,


220kV line:

  • from Kizil Rovat substation to Yulduz substation,
  • from Lochin substation to Fazilman substation,
  • from Uzbekistan substation to Paulgan substation,


500kV line:

  • Guzar-Regar relationship,
  • Surkhan – Yuulduz substation,

and reconstruction of numerous 500kV stations, traction substations and other key installations in Uzbekistan.

The company notes the potential for a large increase in the order portfolio, both in the Republic of Uzbekistan and in other countries of the Central Asian region.

RESBUD SE – We build to connect people

Our mission is to increase the value of the companies included in the holding through supervision and coordination of their development. We want to generate profits for our shareholders while creating added value for the economy, society and the natural environment.

That is why we constantly develop our extensive experience and knowledge, using the highest standards and best practices of the construction industry. By supporting the construction of modern infrastructure facilities fit for the 21st century, we want to improve the quality of life - today and tomorrow.

History Resbud

in the 50s

In the 50s, the scope of the company's operations covered the area of ​​south-eastern Poland. The high demand for construction and assembly services contributed to the very dynamic development of the company. The company employed over 7. people and implemented increasingly more organizationally and technologically complex investments. It was then that RESBUD consolidated its undisputed position as the industry leader in south-eastern Poland

At the end of the 60s

At the end of the 60s, the company, while investing in the domestic market, also began export contracts. RESBUD engineers and employees have implemented projects in numerous European countries, including: in the Federal Republic of Germany, the German Democratic Republic in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Belgium, as well as on other continents, such as Africa, where the contract in Libya was implemented.

In the 80s and the first half of the 90s.

In the 80s and the first half of the 90s, foreign projects were carried out by over 1100 people, i.e. one third of the employees of RESBUD. Revenues from the sale of export construction sites amounted to nearly 30 percent. total sales of the company. During this time, projects were completed under over 50 contracts.

90s - privatization

In the early 90s, the company, in order to adapt the structure and organization of production to new market conditions, began the process of thorough restructuring of a number of areas of its activity. In 1994, the RESBUD privatization path began and the company was transformed into a joint-stock company operating under the Commercial Code. The majority stake was taken over by the Second National Investment Fund. The next important stage in the company's history was the commencement of quotation of the company's shares on the over-the-counter market of the Central Table of Offers in 1998. RESBUD SA was the first public company listed on this market in Poland.

After 2000

The culmination of almost 10 years of presence on the regulated public market was the debut of RESBUD SA shares on the trading floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, announced on September 27, 2007. During this period, the company specialized in comprehensive housing, industrial, infrastructure and public utility construction, especially sports halls, swimming pools, shopping and logistics centers. RESBUD was the contractor of many construction investments throughout the country, awarded by industry bodies. Thanks to extensive experience and numerous implementations, RESBUD has earned the title of a reliable and trustworthy partner of first choice.

2019 - 2020

In 2019, after the change of the majority shareholder, RESBUD SE changed its business model and operating strategy, starting the transformation into a modern, dynamically developing holding operating in the construction, energy and civil engineering markets, as well as production, logistics and supplies of materials for the construction sector and energy.


In 2021, RESBUD SE finalized the process of acquiring 100% of shares in Uniwersim Sp. z o. o., Conpol Sp. z o. o. and Energokomplekt OOO (87,8% directly and 12,2% indirectly), thanks to the private subscription of over 2020 million new shares of RESBUD SE conducted in December 218.


In 2022, the registered office of the Company and the seat of the Company's management board were moved from Tallinn in the Republic of Estonia to the territory of the Republic of Poland. The company's new headquarters is located in Modlniczka near Kraków.


In September 2023, RESBUD SE and its subsidiary Conpol Sp. z o. o. acquired Grid Solutions LLC and United Grid Solutions LLC, respectively, which own a controlling stake in Elektrqishloqqurilish JSC, one of the leading contractors of power grid facilities in Central Asia. In the settlement, shares in the subsidiary - Energokomplekt OOO - were transferred to the seller.

Reporting abnormalities

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Irregularities are understood as any identified or suspected undesirable and inconsistent behavior with the law, regulatory requirements, internal regulations, ethical standards, in particular regarding:

  • work organization and compliance with regulations,
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  • harassment,
  • discrimination,
  • conflict of interest,

as well as violations within the meaning of Art. 97d of the Act on Public Offering, i.e. violation of the law, in particular the provisions of the Act on Public Offering and Regulation 2017/1129, procedures and ethical standards.

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