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Energokomplekt OOO, a subsidiary of RESBUD SE, concluded another significant agreement


Energokomplekt OOO, a subsidiary of RESBUD SE, concluded another significant agreement

Energokomplekt OOO, a RESBUD SE holding company, concluded another contract with the company "Komelektnyje projekt w ecologie i energetike" OOO. The subject of the contract is the supply of sewage equipment for investments carried out by the contractor. The total value of the project is RUB 600,000,000, which is approximately EUR 6,894,000.

“Komelektnye projects in ecology and energetike” OOO is a Russian engineering company specializing in providing integrated services in the area of ​​complex projects of construction and reconstruction of boiler houses, thermal power plants, district heating networks, at all stages – from preliminary measurements and design to the delivery of equipment and construction and assembly works. It also provides services in the field of water treatment for domestic and industrial purposes with the use of modern high-tech equipment and technologies.

The contract concluded with "Komelektnyje projekt w ecologi i energetike" OOO on July 27, 2021, the subject of which is the supply of sewage equipment, will be implemented by Energokomplekt OOO in the period from 2021 to 2022. Its value is RUB 600,000,000, which is nearly EUR 7 million.

This is another contract signed with this Russian contractor this year. A month earlier, Energokomplekt OOO concluded two contracts for the supply of thermo-mechanical equipment (including a DynaDisc TD 1912/12-ВВК disc filter and a mobile module for chemical cleaning of filters MCCU) for the investments implemented by the company "Komelektnyje projekt in ecology and energy” OOO. The total value of these contracts is RUB 250,000,000, which is approximately EUR 2,750,000. All projects will be implemented by the RESBUD SE subsidiary in the period from 2021 to 2022.

– Energokomplekt OOO is a rapidly growing player in the construction market and an important part of our Group. The company's key competitive advantage is its comprehensive project execution – from the overall supply of materials and chemicals to the provision of equipment for specific construction contracts. In 2015-2019 Energokomplekt OOO executed such contracts for more than 15 billion rubles – says Krzysztof Długosz, President of the Management Board at RESBUD SE.

Energokomplekt OOO is a contractor in energy and construction projects and a trading company based in Ekaterinburg, which is a comprehensive operator of supplies of equipment, materials, construction chemicals and specialized devices for large energy, hydraulic engineering and infrastructure investments. Its clients include the largest construction companies in Russia and several CIS countries. The company also operates in several foreign markets – from Poland and Estonia to the Far East.

Since 4 February this year, RESBUD SE holds 100% shares in Energokomplekt OOO (87.8% directly and 12.2% indirectly). Energokomplekt OOO generated revenues of PLN 185 million in 2019, generating almost PLN 11 million profit.