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Audit Company INTERFIN Sp. z o. o. the new auditor of RESBUD SE


Audit Company INTERFIN Sp. z o. o. the new auditor of RESBUD SE

On February 7, 2023, RESBUD SE entered into agreements with Firma Audytorska INTERFIN sp. z oo with its registered office in Krakow, Poland ...

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Completion of negotiations for sale of Russian subsidiary Energokomplekt OOO

The Management Board of RESBUD SE informs that on January 9, 2023 it completed negotiations on the sale of 100% of shares in the Issuer's ...

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Advanced talks regarding the sale of a Russian asset – Energokomplet ooo

The Management Board of RESBUD SE, headquartered in Tallinn, announces that it is in advanced talks regarding the sale of a Russian asset – ...

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The WSE Management Board has admitted over 1.7 million RESBUD SE shares for trading on the stock exchange

On February 8, 2022, by Resolution No. 114/2022, the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange SA admitted 1 shares of RESBUD SE ...

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KPMG Baltics OÜ is the new auditor of RESBUD SE

RESBUD SE – a European holding company operating in the construction, energy and civil engineering markets, as well as production, ...

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Energokomplekt OOO carries out delivery of equipment and materials for reconstruction of a wastewater treatment plant in Samara Oblast, Russia

Energokomplekt OOO, RESBUD SE subsidiary, carries out comprehensive delivery of main equipment and construction materials for reconstruction of ...

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Conpol, subsidiary of RESBUD SE, continues works on the construction of European route Via Baltica, commissioned by PORR

Conpol sp. z o. o., an experienced contractor in the field of civil engineering, road and railroad construction and producer of a wide range of ...

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Energokomplekt OOO finalizes delivery of materials for construction of Naldinskaya substation

Energokomplekt OOO, a RESBUD SE subsidiary, is finalizing the delivery of materials for the construction of the Naldinskaya 220 kV substation ...

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RESBUD SE's solid results for H1 2021: EUR 28.625 million revenue and EUR 1.729 million operating profit

On the 30th of September, 2021, RESBUD SE, a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2007, for the first time published consolidated ...

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Energokomplekt OOO continues to supply materials for the construction of the flood control dam in Komsomolsk-on-Amur

Energokomplekt OOO, a subsidiary of RESBUD SE, is supplying equipment, materials and facilities for Ural Power Engineering Construction Company ...

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