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Answers to investor questions

All questions can be submitted by e-mail to: or directly on the website Contact for investors.

Answers to questions asked to the Company on 05.06.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX

1. When can we expect the publication of the Company's new strategy? What will it include?

After the acquisition of majority shares in Energokomplekt OOO, Conpol sp. z oo and Uniwersim sp. z oo, in the first quarter of this year, the Management Board of RESBUD SE is currently focusing on the implementation of processes related to group integration. Management Board of the Company also is working on a number of potential business projects – primarily, but not exclusively, new construction contracts, in which companies from the group may participate.

At the same time, the Company is also working on the holding's business strategy, which will be presented to all interested parties later, because some of its elements will depend on the ongoing talks with potential business partners. After the approval of such a document by the Supervisory Board of the Company, we will present the new strategy to the market immediately.

As we communicate before, the Company plans to become a major general contractor in Central and Eastern Europe in the field of construction, civil engineering and the development of energy networks, implementing comprehensive infrastructure projects through subcontractors belonging to the holding. The experience, numerous competitive advantages and know-how of our subsidiaries (acquired in Q1 this year) will be used by the Management Board to unlock their full potential.


2. Is the Management Board planning to organize investors chat in the near future?

Currently, as part of the adopted informational strategy, the Company does not plan to organize an investor chat in the coming months, but we do not exclude the possibility of organizing meetings with investors in the future. Meanwhile, we invite you to ask questions to the Company through the Investor Relations Department of RESBUD SE (mail:, and to follow our website, which will be regularly updated with new information on the current activities of the holding .

3. I found inconsistent information in the press releases. On the one hand, building a European construction holding, and on the other, financing start-ups. Which path is the Company going to follow?

We do not see any inconsistencies in our messages. We want RESBUD SE to become a major general contractor in Central and Eastern Europe in the field of construction, civil engineering and the development of energy networks. This process will be supported, among others, by the use of the best available technologies and the cooperation of RESBUD SE and companies from the group with the scientific community, innovators or technological leaders specialized in specific areas of the construction sector. We want to be the leader of the markets in which we operate or intend to operate, which is why our role is to reach for the best possible practices and modern solutions in the construction industry. An element of this strategy is the dissemination of the best practices and technologies in construction, including supporting the commercialization of modern solutions, innovations and new technologies, sometimes by financing innovative start-ups.

4. What is the Company's strategy for communicating with the market? Will the company inform about all obligations, new agreements and contracts in ESPI, as it is on the Russian website of Energokomplekt, or only about selected, important information?

5. Unfortunately, due to historical events, RESBUD SE does not enjoy a good reputation among investors. How is the Management Board going to change that?

We answer questions 4 and 5 jointly:

We are aware that due to historical events, many fake news are currently functioning in the context of RESBUD SE. We do not feel entitled to comment on the functioning of the Company before the change of the majority shareholder in 2019, however, we can assure you that since then RESBUD SE has changed its business model and – apart from the development of current business activities – attaches great importance to transparent information activities. Thanks to responsible communication with the market, which we systematically develop, using social media, among others, we want to reach all interested parties with reliable information about our group and its current activities.

An important element of this information strategy are frequent updates of our website, where we publish news on the current activities of RESBUD SE. We also encourage you to follow our profiles on social media – on LinkedIn and Facebook.

RESBUD SE is an Estonian company, therefore it officially communicates information via the Estonian OAM system. However, bearing in mind that the company is listed on the Warsaw Stosch Exchange, this information is also transmitted through the ESPI system (the information provided by these systems is the same). In accordance with applicable law and good practices of companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, we will inform through OAM and ESPI systems about significant events concerning both RESBUD SE and companies belonging to our group.


6. In the report of May 2 this year, you state that "The revenues generated by them (companies in the portfolio) in 2019 reached a total of almost PLN 195 million, and their total net profit exceeded PLN 14.5 million." And what was the result achieved by your subsidiaries in 2020?

We plan to provide information on the results of RESBUD SE subsidiaries for 2020 in the audited annual RESBUD SE report for 2020. However, selected financial data of these companies are already available on their websites, which we encourage you to follow (www.conpol. pl,,