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About company


RESBUD SE is a modern, dynamically growing European holding company present on the construction, power and civil engineering markets, and also dealing with manufacturing, logistics and delivery of materials and equipment for the construction and power sectors. RESBUD SE has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since September 2007. It combines a modern approach to business with a 70-year tradition in the construction industry.

In RESBUD SE investment portfolio, there are companies (Energokomplekt OOO, Conpol sp. z o.o. and Uniwersim sp. z o.o.) that specialize first and foremost in: civil engineering, construction works, construction of concrete structures, construction of civil road and railway engineering structures, production of asphalt mixtures and concrete and delivery of materials and equipment to large infrastructure projects, including equipment for construction and modernization of power facilities.

70 years

tradition in the construction industry

34 704 306 EUR

share capital of the Company

Central and Eastern Europe

contracts carried out

September 2007

listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

The scope of activities of RESBUD SE companies:

  • civil engineering,
  • construction works,
  • construction of concrete structures,
  • construction of civil road and railways engineering structures,
  • production of asphalt mixtures and concrete,
  • delivery of materials and equipment to large infrastructure projects, including equipment for construction and modernization of power facilities.

Our investments


Conpol Sp. z o.o.

Conpol sp. z o.o. has an extensive competences in a field of engineering and energy construction, as well as the production of concrete and asphalt. The company is currently successfully operating on the Polish market, participating as a contractor in projects in the field of cubature, engineering and road construction.

The company’s major projects include: the expansion of the International Passenger Terminal Kraków-Balice, the construction of A1 highway between Tuszyn and Pyrzowice (section G), construction of engineering structures (bridges, viaducts) with accompanying infrastructure in the railroad E59 (Leszno-Czempiń section), construction work at the Kraków Mydlniki-Kraków Główny Towarowy section of the railroad E30, construction of the Szczecinek bypass along the national road No. 11, construction of the Maintenance Circuit of the Jawor Road at S3 along with the bridge structures, construction of engineering structures (bridges) and production of concrete for the implementation of bridge structures at the construction of the S61 Via Baltica expressway running from Warsaw to Tallinn in Estonia, as well as delivery of concrete for the general contractor of the S-8 route (section Radziejowice-Janki) – the Strabag company.

Conpol sp. z o.o. gained vast experience in the construction industry on eastern markets. The projects implemented there, such as the expansion of terminal D at the BORYSPOL airport in Kiev, allowed to develop a modern form of the company’s activity and to attract a number of specialized companies from Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and Ukraine for cooperation.

The scope of the company’s activity also includes the production of concrete according to customer preferences, for the construction of bridges and viaducts. Conpol uses two modern mobile concrete batching plants – BHS Duomix 250 type with very high efficiency (220-250 m3/h) and WBT McCrory (with efficiency of 100 m3/h).

Conpol sp. z o.o. is a member of the Polish chamber of Construction Industry and Trade, registration number 801.

Uniwersim Sp. z o.o

Company manufactures asphalt mixtures intended for the performance of all structural layers of pavements for roads of the traffic category from KR1 to KR7. Company’s key competitive advantage is a mobile concrete plant with very high performance and a team of highly qualified operators.

For many years Uniwersim sp. z o.o. has been cooperating with companies specializing in the modernization and reconstruction of local and provincial roads, as well as with companies implementing contracts for the construction of expressways and motorways. In 2017-2019, the plant was the main producer of the mixture for Strabag S. A. for the expansion of the national road No. 8 on the Radziejowice-Przeszkoda section.

Uniwersim takes care of contracts from the side of concrete production with the use of own or customer materials. It offers a wide range of concretes, taking into account the intended use of the material, construction method, environmental conditions, investment specification as well as individual customer preferences: for substructures, goods, construction and bridges. For the production of concrete, a modern BHS Duomix 250 type mobile concrete batching plant is used, with a capacity of 220-250 m3 / h, depending on the type of concrete produced.

For the production of bituminous masses, it uses a fully automated installation of the BENNINGHOVEN TBA 160/240 OU brand with a mixing capacity of 160 t/h. The qualified FOREQ Laboratory controls the proper course of technological processes during the production of bituminous masses.

Since 2015, it has had the Factory Control Certificate confirming the plant’s ability to produce asphalt mixtures according to European standards PN-EN 13108-1.

Energokomplekt O.O.O.

Energokomplekt OOO (registered in Yekaterinburg, Russia) is a general contractor in energy and construction investments and a comprehensive operator of hardware, materials, construction chemicals and specialized equipment deliveries to large infrastructure projects, including construction and retrofitting of power facilities. In the years 2015-2019, the overall value of such contracts delivered by Energokomplekt OOO exceeded 15 billion roubles.

Energokomplekt OOO clients include the biggest construction companies in Russia and several countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. The company also operates on several foreign markets – from Poland and Estonia to the Far East.

The company offers:

  • comprehensive delivery of equipment and materials for the needs of contractors involved in the construction of all kinds of infrastructural facilities;
  • logistics services related to the delivery of materials to any location in the world, customs clearance and storage of products, as well as hiring suppliers tailored to the needs and requirements of clients
  • design and consulting services, including certification of new materials and equipment, coordination of alternative technologies, amendments to design specifications and cost estimates, obtaining approvals necessary to launch construction works;
  • promotional support of European products to the Russian market through well-established logistical channels.

RESBUD SE – We build to connect people

Our mission is to increase the value of the companies that comprise the holding through monitoring and coordinating their development. We want to generate profits for our shareholders and create added value for the economy, the society and the environment.

Therefore, we constantly develop our experience and knowledge, following the highest standards and best practices in the construction industry. By supporting the construction of modern infrastructure facilities, we want to improve the quality of life – today and tomorrow.

The company's history

In the 1950s

In the 1950s, the company operated in south-east Poland. Its dynamic development was a consequence of a significant demand for construction and assembly services. The company had over seven thousand employees and delivered more and more organizationally and technologically advanced projects. It was then that RESBUD established its unquestioned position of the construction industry leader in south-east Poland.

In the 1950s

At the end of the 1960s, the company continued investment projects on the Polish market and, at the same time, started its expansion abroad. RESBUD’s engineers and employees worked in several European countries, including the Federal Republic of Germany, the German Democratic Republic, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Belgium, and also on other continents, e.g. Africa, where it delivered a contract in Libya.

The 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s

In the 1980s and in the first half of the 1990s, over 1,100 people were involved in overseas projects, that is a third of RESBUD’s employees. The revenues from overseas construction contracts accounted for nearly 30% of the company’s total sales value. At that time, the company delivered over 50 construction projects.

The 1990s

At the beginning of the 1990s, the company launched an in-depth restructuring process of its business operations in order to adjust the production organization and structure to new market conditions. Following the privatization process launched in 1994, RESBUD was transformed into a joint stock company, operating under the Commercial Companies Code. The majority stake was taken over by Second National Investment Fund (II NFI S.A.). The first listing of RESBUD’s shares on the regulated public OTC market at CeTO (Central Table of Offers) in 1998 marked another milestone in the company history. RESBUD S.A. was the first public company listed on that market in Poland.

After 2000

After 10 years of its presence on the regulated public OTC market, on 27 September 2007 RESBUD announced its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. At that time the company specialized in comprehensive housing, industrial, infrastructural and public building construction, in particular sports halls, swimming pools, shopping and logistic centers. RESBUD was a general contractor of numerous, recognized by industry experts construction projects all over the country. Long experience and many projects delivered over the years have earned RESBUD a reputation of being a reliable and trustworthy first-choice partner


In 2019, following a change of the majority shareholder, RESBUD changed its business model and strategy. The company launched the process of transforming into a modern, dynamically growing holding company, operating in various segments of the construction and civil engineering markets, and dealing also with manufacturing, logistics and delivery of materials for the construction and energy sector.


In 2021, RESBUD SE finalized the acquisition of 100% shares in Uniwersim Sp. z o.o., Conpol Sp. z o.o. and Energokomplekt OOO (87.8% directly and 12.2% indirectly), thanks to the private subscription of over 218 million new RESBUD SE shares in December 2020.