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District Court in Rzeszów
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The History


The origins of RESBUD S.A. go back to the year 1950. In the beginning, the territorial range of the state-owned enterprise covered the area of South-Eastern Poland.

Magnesite Plant in Ropczyce

Significant demand for construction and assembly services created favorable conditions for very dynamic development of the firm. The enterprise realized still more and more complex investment projects, both organizationally and technologically.

The development was reflected by employment level that reached its maximum, amounting to more than 7000 jobs, in the first half of the 1950s. In following years, employment did not exceed 4 thousand people. RESBUD established its unquestioned position of the construction industry leader in that part of Poland. 

Chipboard Factory in Jasło — cone settlement tanks

In late 1960s the firm, apart form projects carried out on domestic market, started to enter export construction contracts. RESBUD’s engineers and employees were present both in European countries such as German Federal Republic, German Democratic Republic, Czechoslovakia, Hungary or Belgium and in the faraway Libya in North Africa.

SLOVNAFT Petrochemical Plant in Bratislava

Our export contract site in Boblingen, Germany

Export contracts in 1980s and early 1990s were realized by more than 1100 people, i.e. more than a third of all employed in RESBUD at that time. Export share in total  sales reached 30% with more than contracts carried out abroad.
In early 1990s the enterprise, in order to adjust its structure and production organization to new market conditions, has started a process of thorough restructuring of different areas of its operations. RESBUD’s privatization path started in 1994, when the state-owned undertaking was transformed into joint-stock company operated in accordance with code of commercial companies and not the state enterprises act. The majority block of shares was acquired by the II National  Investment Fund.
Another important step forward for RESBUD occurred in 1998, when shares of the company started to be quoted on the out-of-stock market’s Central Offer Schedule. RESBUD S.A. become a public company, the first one among Poland’s construction companies.
The achievement crowning the Company’s nearly 10 years long presence on the regulated public share market was the RESBUD S.A. debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange trading floor announced on 27 September 2007.

Modern production shop erected for WSK Rzeszów

 More than 50 year’s experience of RESBUD S.A. in the construction industry, realization of several hundred construction projects in various technologies and of different scope in the area of industrial, public utility and housing construction industry, represent a guarantee of professional workmanship. The potential consisting in experience of our personnel allows our Firm to take up daring challenges contributing to confidence of our clients and continuous reinforcement of our position on the construction market.